Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix


The ancestor of the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix is Golden Retriever and Bullmastiff dog. The mating of these dog breeds leads to the origin of hybrid dogs namely, Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix.

It is expected that this hybrid dog breed contains the characteristics of both parent dogs. While it is not true for all the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix. It is because many of the dogs depict their own particular characteristic too.

These are loyal and courageous dogs. They are known to be amazing guardians and companions. The eye color possibility of the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix is Brown. While brown and black are the nose color possibilities.

Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix Weight and Height:

If you are planning to have a Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix, then you should be aware of the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix Weight and Height. The height of this male hybrid dog ranges from 25 inches to 27 inches.

golden retriever mastiff mix

While the height of a female Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix dog ranges from 23 inches to 25 inches. The weight of the male and female Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix dog is about 95 pounds – 110 pounds and 85 pounds to 100 pounds respectively.

They do not make much noise and a bit stubborn. Training them requires effort. Take the dog for regular walks and exercise.

Average Lifespan of Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix:

The coat colors of the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix can be fawn, red, or brindle. The coat is highly dense and the coat texture is straight. It is better to brush your dog on a weekly basis. Buy good quality slicker brush, comb, and nail clipper for maintaining the cleanliness of the dog.

bullmastiff golden retriever mix

They are not as highly energetic as the Bullmastiff dogs. They depict to have the medium energy for performing their tasks.

The Average Lifespan of the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix can be improved by ensuring the best care and nutritious diet of the dog.

Feeding of the dog requires almost 3 cups. They are not able to adjust themselves to the extreme climate. You would be amazed to know that this dog breed does not need to show aggressive behavior towards other pets.

They can even enjoy living with cats in harmony. But it is possible only if it taught to them at an early stage of their life.

Diseases in Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix:

Lucky is the Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix dog as they do not suffer from dental issues. The most common diseases in Bullmastiff Golden Retriever Mix dog are skin problems, hypothyroidism,  eye disorders such as cataracts, Glaucoma, etc.

mastiff golden retriever

In addition to this, they may suffer from bloating, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. Ensure to check the medical certificate of the dog before purchasing the dog.

The majority of dogs suffer from any of these diseases. Their rating regarding family safety is amazing. Hip dysplasia and bloat are the major health concerns.

Italian Mastiff dogs are docile, loyal, powerful, and medium-size dogs.  They are fabulously firm in appearance. Read on to know more!

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  1. I have a golden retriever black bull mastiff mix. She is all black with some gold throughout!! She is a beautiful, loving dog. She will be 3 in Nov,2021. I am so greatful my husband and I got her. Never have I had such a loving dog!!! She is definitely a gift from God!!


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