French Bullmastiff Dog


Breeding of Dogue de Bordeaux to a Bullmastiff dog may produce a dog breed having characteristics of both. There are various confusions and ambiguities regarding theFrench Bullmastiff dog.

Let’s explore the facts about the French Bullmastiff dog over here. Here it is important to mention that there is no dog breed name French Bullmastiff.

While it is the resemblance of Mastiff dog which confuses it to be a French Bullmastiff dog. French Mastiff is similar to Bullmastiff in terms of coat colors, size, and type.

French Bullmastiff  Weight and Height:

French Bullmastiff weight and height outline the fact that these are giant dogs. The average weight of a male French Bullmastiff is 68kg while the average weight of a female French Bullmastiff dog is 57kg.

French Bullmastiff Dog

When it comes to the height of a French Bullmastiff dog, it shows the height 24 -27 inches in a male dog.

While a female Bullmastiff dog depicts the height range of 23 – 26 inches. Immediately consult a vet if the weight and height of your beloved French Bullmastiff dog deviate from this range.

Colors of French Bullmastiff Dog:

The coat colors of the French Bullmastiff dog are a matter of interest for the people. It has a short and smooth coat. It is available in almost all shades of fawn.

These shades can range from dark fawn to light fawn color. It may have small patches of white color on the chest.

Moreover, some white patches can be observed at the limb extremities. Other coat colors of French Mastiff dogs are Tan and Mahogany.

Average Lifespan of French Bullmastiff Dog:

It is a fact that usually, the giant dog breed has a short lifespan than the smaller dog breeds. The average lifespan of a French Bullmastiff dog ranges between 5 to 8 years.

However, better health conditions and improve quality of life can increase the life expectancy of the dog.

Diseases in French Bullmastiff Dog:

There can be various genetic diseases in French Bullmastiff dogs. More common health issues of this dog breed include dysplasia, epilepsy, arthritis, and heart diseases such as aortic stenosis, cardiac murmurs, etc.

french bullmastiff

Some other diseases of English Mastiff are obesity, hyperkeratosis, torsion, bloating, renal disease, and entropion.

Bullmastiff Dog Vs French Bullmastiff Dog:

Let’s figure out the details of Bullmastiff dog Vs French Bullmastiff dog. Both of these are giant dog breeds and are known to be expensive dogs. French Mastiff dog has folded ears while in the case of Bullmastiff dog, ears are folded and V-shaped as well.

French mastiff dog suffers from complexities in their breeding. French Mastiff dog is much larger in appearance. Their life expectancy is quite less than that of a Bullmastiff dog.

french mastiff

It is more giant and muscular in appearance than the Bullmastiff dog. Another major difference between both dog breeds lies in their head.

French Mastiff dog has a much larger head and is known to be the largest head among all canine animals.

In order to potentiate your knowledge about your beloved dog, keep on reading about it. Have a glance at English Bullmastiff dog!

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