Bull Master Dogs


Commonly you hear about Bull Master dogs. By hearing about this name, what comes to your mind? Surely, it makes you feel that these would be the dogs having solid bodies. They would be the prominent dogs that scare other dogs.

These are the pets that are giant in appearance and do not afraid of enemies and other animals. Let’s just clear all such concepts and figure out that what a Bull Master dog is.

Let’s unveil the facts about  Bull Master Dogs Appearance, Bull Master Dogs Weight and Height, Average Lifespan of a Bull Master Dogs, Diseases in Bull Master Dogs, Is Bullmastiff Dog Different from Bullmaster Dog, and Does Bullmaster Dog Really Exist.

Is Bullmastiff Dog Different from Bullmaster Dog?

The weight, height, appearance, average life, temperament, health status, and behavior of the dog breeds would be helpful in solving this mystery.

People consider that these may be two spate dog breeds having different traits.

a bull master

While, on contrary to this, the majority of the people think that there is no difference between both dog breeds.

Does Bullmaster Dog Really Exist?

When it comes to existence, the owners of the Bullmaster dogs can provide accurate information. There are mixed concepts of people about this dog breed.

The general fact about the existence of Bullmaster existence is that these and Bullmastiff dogs are similar dogs. Or, both are the different names of the same dog breed.

Bull Master Dogs Appearance:

Bull master dogs are known to have prominent features. They have a back face mask. Their body is muscular and massive which is ample to scare the enemies.

master bull


They contain large black nostrils. Their head is broad. They are courageous dogs having charming height. These are energetic dogs that do not howl much.

Bull Master Dogs Weight and Height:

The bull master dog is relatively taller in appearance. Their average height range is about 64 to 68cm. As giant dogs are muscular, so it is necessary to feed them properly.

A balanced diet would help in their proper growth and nourishment. The weight range of this giant dog breed ranges from 50kg to 59kg.

Average Lifespan of a Bull Master Dogs:

You can enjoy having the company of your beloved Bull master dog for a minimum of 8 years. However, the maximum lifespan of this dog bred is about 10 years.

These are available in gorgeous coat colors. The coat of the Bullmaster dog sheds less and is short and dense as well.

Diseases in Bull Master Dogs:

The health of your beloved dog is quite important. Your pet is prone to enormous genetic diseases. Now, it’s your responsibility to provide good care to your dog in order to avoid such diseases.

Common health issues include cancer, tumor, bloating, entropion, elbow dysplasia, allergy, and hip dysplasia.

bull masters

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