American Mastiff Dog


American Mastiff dog is a domestic dog that is well known for its appearance. The appearance of the American Mastiff dog is responsible for the popularity of this dog breed.

The size of the American Mastiff dog may range from large to giant. When it comes to the temperament of this amazing dog breed, quite amazing facts are revealed. These are protective in nature.

Their affection wins the heart of others. They are courageous and calm dog breed which depict good nature with others.

The huge choice of pets makes it hard to make a perfect choice. However, the knowledge and guidance can aid much in taking good care of pets.

American Mastiff dog originated in the US as pure dog breed by the crossing of Anatolian Shepherd and English Mastiff.

American Mastiff Weight and Height:

As Amerian mastiff is a giant dog so it depicts to have a muscular body. The American Mastiff weight and height outline it to be a massive dog breed. The weight of a male American Mastiff dog ranges from 160 to 200 pounds.

American Mastiff Dog

Likewise, the weight of a female American Mastiff dog ranges from 140 to 180 pounds. The height of the American Mastiff dog is about 28 to 36 inches.

Colors of American Mastiff Dog:

The coat colors of the American Mastiff dog are quite vibrant. You can purchase an American Mastiff puppy in elegant apricot color. Other impressive coat colors of this dog breed are brindle, fawn, and white.

Their litter size is- 4-10 puppies. It shows compatibility with other pets. However, it is not recommended to keep these dogs with small pets. These powerful dogs attach enemies when they are set free. American Mastiff dog has a smaller face than the French Mastiff dog.

Average Lifespan of American Mastiff Dog:

American Mastiff dog is not a hybrid, but a pure dog breed. The average lifespan of American Mastiff dogs is about 10 to 12 years. The owner requires moderate energy in order to train their American Mastiff dog.

They do not require much maintenance. Hence, brushing them once or lesser is enough to maintain cleanliness.

Diseases in American Mastiff Dog:

The most common diseases in American Mastiff dogs are heart problems, skin diseases, hypothyroidism, eye disorders, arthritis, bloat, and joint dysplasia. However, the risk of developing these risks is lower in this giant dog breed.

Bullmastiff Dog Vs American Mastiff Dog:

The Bullmastiff dog Vs American Mastiff Dog makes it easier for people to make a choice regarding their pet. American Mastiff dog is not acting like the Bullmastiff dog.

American Mastiff Dog

Bullmastiff dog is highly energetic and active. American Mastiff dog is more massive and muscular than the Bullmastiff dog.

The weight of the American Mastiff dog is greater than the Bullmastiff dog.  Bullmastiff is considered to be the better dog breed in terms of grooming, barking, and temperament.

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