Female Bullmastiff Dog Heat Cycle


If you have a female Bullmastiff dog, then you should be aware of the female Bullmastiff dog heat cycle. There are a number of queries about the female BUllmastiff dog. Having prior knowledge of it would aid you to respond to the upcoming situations in an efficient way.

The most important queries regarding the female Bullmastiff dog heat cycle include at what age does a Bullmastiff dog enter heat, how long does the heat last, Can a Bullmastiff become pregnant when she is not in heat, and Is there anything I should do during this time. Here, you will get guidance about your beloved Bullmastiff dog.

At What Age Does a bullmastiff dog Enter Heat?

Female Bullmastiff passes through various stages of reproduction. These include oestrus, season, pregnancy, heat, and delivery of the puppy. The female dogs usually approach the stage of sexual maturity at the age of merely 6 months.

However, when it comes to the heat, female dogs enter into heat during the 4th month of their age.

How Long Does Heat Last For?

When it comes to the heat of a female dog, it can find out that the duration of heat varies from individual to individual. However, on average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the heat to last.

Female Bullmastiff

Swelling of the vulva of the female Bullmastiff is associated with the onset of estrus. After this step of swelling, the female dog experience vaginal discharge. When the vaginal discharge is completed, the vulva gains its normal size.

Can a Bullmastiff Become Pregnant When She is Not in Heat?

Owners of the Bullmastiff dog are curious to know about the pregnancy of their Bullmastiff dog. They should be aware of the fact the Female dogs cannot become pregnant without heat.

Female Bullmastiff Dog Heat Cycle

They have to be in heat in order to be pregnant. It is quite commonly observed that the bullmastiff dog depicts a sign of readiness. The most common of these include the tailing up. In addition to this, lightening in the color of the discharge can also be observed.

Is There Anything I Should Do During This Time?

The owner should take extra care of the female Bullmastiff dog. Feed the Bullmastiff dog with a balanced diet. A healthy meal is required. Avoid feeding the Bullmastiff dog with the cold stuff.

Bullmastiff dogs are love to be around. This lovely dog breed demands to care, but in case of heat cycle or pregnancy, owners should be vigilant about their pets.

Female Bullmastiff Dog Heat Cycle

Protect the Bullmastiff dog from the harsh environment. Take your Bullmastiff dog to the regular walk. Besides all these things, consider the regular checkup of your Bullmastiff dog.

The vet would examine your beloved pet and guide you as per your dog’s condition. He may even prescribe multivitamins to the dog. Monitor the weight of the Bullmastiff dog regularly.

Explore as much as you can about your beloved pet. Read about White Mastiff dog! Knowing the facts, nature, and characteristics in advance aids you in dealing with the pet in a much better way.


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