Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix


Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix is one of the eminent dog breeds in the world of hybrid dogs. It was originated from the crossing of Rottweiler and Bullmastiff dog.

This designer hybrid dog breed is recognized by DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.). It is also recognized by the IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry).

These are confident dogs and are found to be stressed in the absence of the owner. It is also known as Bull Mastweiler.

Let’s address common queries about Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix dog such as does Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix really exist, the average lifespan of Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix,, Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix appearance, Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix Weight and Height,  and Diseases in Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix.

Does Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix Really Exist?

Yes, these dogs do exist and become part of the family in no time. They are lovely companions having enormous desirable traits. They are found to be less aggressive than their parents. Maintenance is not tough at all.

bull mastiff rott mix

Even, monthly baths are enough for cleanliness. Use the brush or comb for cleaning. If you are having this adorable dog breed in your home, then share your experience with us.

Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix Appearance:

This sedentary hybrid is confident and stubborn. They show a good response to training but give tough time in training if it considered late in life. It is protective in nature and calm in temperament.

The dark brown eyes of the Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix are usually almond in shape or round in appearance. The ears of the pet can be either triangular or V-shaped in appearance.

Their coat color usually comes from their parents. However, having patches of white, black, or brindle color on the body is quite common.

Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix Weight and Height:

It was originated in the 1990s. This guardian dog usually depicts a height of about 24 to 27 inches. However, the female Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix dog depicts to have a bit shorter height than this.

Likewise, the male dog has more weight than the female pet. They are shown to have an average weight of 90 to 130 pounds.

Average Lifespan of Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix:

Some of the important training that is important for the Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix are obedience training, carting activities, and agility training.

The owner should consider taking the dog for regular walks, tracking, and drafting activities.

Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix

Avoid jumping the pet from an excessive height as they get injured or damage their bones. Double coat Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix dog shed much more than the single coat ones.

Diseases in Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix:

The major health issues in the Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix are bloating, hip dysplasia, and Osteochondritis dissecans.

In addition to this, the pet may also suffer from other health issues such as retinal detachment, elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.

bull mastiff rott mix

Bullmastiff Lab Mix is another fabulous hybrid dog breed that has various stunning facts. Find out these by reading about it!

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2 thoughts on “Bullmastiff Rottweiler Mix”

  1. I had a dog pass recently who looked identical to these two sleeping dogs at the top. We got him at a shelter in Sacramento. He was incredible! Where are these two dogs from? I will likely get another shelter dog but I may get my dad one in a few years for his 70th birthday.

  2. Back in the mid ‘80’s we bought our Bubba from a family that was breeding their rottie with their bull mastiff. They told us it was a new breed called an Idaho War Dog. Bubba was the sweetest, most stubborn fur baby I have ever had. I still miss him.


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