Bullmastiff Dog Temperament


Bullmastiff dog is well known for its cool and calm temperament. Among the various dog breed, the Bullmastiff dog gains an eminent position not merely because of its guarding nature but also due to the amazing  Bullmastiff dog temperament.

Bullmastiff dog was originated in Great Britain by the crossing of the two dog breeds which include Bulldog and Mastiff dog.

Bullmastiff dog is highly intelligent and alert dogs which are muscular and massive.

Bullmastiff Dog Temperament

Pets are an important part of one’s family. People like to care for and love their pets and enjoy playing with them.

Bullmastiff dog is one the oldest known dog breed which contains the traits of both Mastiff dog and Bulldog.

How Reliable Are Bullmastiff Dogs?

The reliability of the Bullmastiff dog is an important concern to be discussed. Let’s figure out that how reliable are Bullmastiff dogs. Bullmastiff dog is highly reliable, reserved, loyal and docile dogs.

Their priority is their owner’s security. They are highly obedient and listens to the commands of their master. These are fearless and brave dogs that are liked by the majority of the world throughout the world.

Bullmastiff is a domestic dog that leaves no stone unturned in pleasing its master.

Bullmastiff Dog Temperament

Bullmastiff dog requires low maintenance. They shed moderately and hence are considered an amazing dog breed in terms of hygienic. Maintenance of the Bullmastiff dog is quite easy.

Bathe them when required. Use a good quality shampoo for bathing purposes. They do not get messy easily. Use a brush having rubber curry on it.

Brush the coat of the Bullmastiff dog on a regular basis in order to keep it clean. The dust, dirt, dandruff, and debris get removed from the dog’s coat.

Bullmastiff can be distinguished from other dog breeds on the basis of its black face mask.

How  Protective are Bullmastiff Dogs?

You surely have heard about the guarding and protective nature of the Bullmastiff dog. Let us figure out here that how protective are Bullmastiff dog.

Bullmastiff is a fighting dog that leaves no stone unturned to protect its master from the enemy. Even, a puppy of this breed depicts a protective nature.

Their protective nature can be better explained by the fact that the Bullmastiff dog biting is enough to injure the enemy badly.

Bullmastiffs can feel the danger and respond quite alertly in order to combat the issue. It attacks the enemy with its solid strong and powerful giant body.

Bulmastiff Dog Temperament

Bullmastiff barks on the enemy and bites it with its teeth with full force. Its bite is strong enough to endanger the life of the enemy.

One should immediately seek the medical attention after being bitten by the Bullmastiff. The enemy gets serious wounds and bleeding from the biting.

The owner of the Bullmastiff feels relaxed when their kids are playing with the Bullmastiff dog. The master knows that the Bullmastiff would perfectly secure the kids from the danger because of its guarding and fighting nature.

Bullmastiff dog temperament is ideal in order to select it as the family pet.

Are Bullmastiff Dogs Aggressive?

Many people remain confused about the aggression of their pets. People try to explore that are Bullmastiff dogs aggressive. The answer lies in the fact that Bullmastiff dogs are not aggressive in nature.

Bullmastiff dog is relatively quiet and calm dogs which are being confused as aggressive dogs because of their fighting and attacking nature.

Bullmastiff dog lives its life for an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years. They are relatively taller dogs and can grow up to 27 inches in height.

The average size of the powerful Bullmastiff dog ranges from 110 pounds to 130 pounds. It contains large nostrils which are dark in color.

The ears of the Bullmastiff dog are black and V-shaped in appearance. Owners of the Bullmastiff dog consider methods of cosmetic surgery in order to enhance the elegance of their dog.

These methods are being adopted for the dogs that are to be taken in the dog show. For the ears, the method of ear cropping is used while for the tail, the docking method is used.

Tail docking involves the cutting of the portion of the dog’s tail and ear cropping includes the trimming of the dog’s ear.  

Bullmastiff dogs remain quiet unless they feel any danger around. The danger is the basic alarm that turns the calm temperament of the dog to the wild and fighting one.

 Bullmastiff Dog Barking:

Bullmastiff dog barks at strangers or cats. It barks in feeling danger around. The barking of the dog is surely problematic for the neighbors but the owners of the Bullmastiff dog do not feel to worry about it.

It is because the Bullmastiff dog does not bark or howl a lot. The Bullmastiff dog barking is mainly seen due to a number of reasons. It barks when it feels lonely and sad.

The ideal Bullmastiff dog temperament is seen when it is free from tension and enjoys its life. Such life is possible when the owner takes good care of it.

Bullmastif Dog Temperament

Bullmastiff dog is prone to a number of health disorders such as different kinds of cancer, elbow dysplasia, bloating, flatulence, hip dysplasia, ear infection, etc.

The diet of the Bullmastiff dog should be proper and must be divided into two or more portions per day.

It is better to provide the meal twice or thrice per day rather than a single meal. A balanced diet plays a key role in the proper development of the body.

A bullmastiff dog is a sensitive dog that should be protected from a harsh environment. In the extreme summers, keep the dogs protected from the harmful sun rays by keeping them inside the home.

Place the dog house in a cool place and do not tie the dogs outside the home. Else, the chances of dehydration and sunburns enhance. Likewise, in the extreme winters, use a sweater to keep the dog safe and sound.

Keep the dog house inside the home and provide a warm diet to it. A warm diet is beneficial in protecting the dog from being ill.

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