Bullmastiff Husky Mix


Bullmastiff Husky Mix is a giant dog breed that has the Siberian Husky and Bullmastiff as their parents. The crossing of these adorable and courageous dogs breed leads to the origin of the Bullmastiff Husky Mix dog.

Although they seem big yet they are sweet and calm in nature. These are found to be stubborn dogs.  You can have this pet in your home only if you are an experienced owner. For a new owner, it is difficult to deal with this hybrid dog breed.

Let’s unfold the facts about Diseases in Bullmastiff Husky mix, Average Lifespan of Bullmastiff Husky Mix, Bullmastiff husky mix appearance, and Bullmastiff husky mix Weight and Height.

Bullmastiff Husky Mix Appearance:

These dogs require a large yard. These are highly energetic dogs that leave no stone unturned to take the bull by the horns. These alert dogs are quite splendid in protecting their owners. Their tails are curved and thick.

mastiff husky mix

The nose can any of these colors, liver, snow, flesh, or black. The shape of the ears is triangular which is erect in appearance.

Protect the pet from harsh environments, especially during the hot summer. It can leave a bad impact on the pet’s health.

Bullmastiff Husky Mix Weight and Height:

The weight and height of this breed are important to be known in order to make a selection for the purchase. It is also helpful in taking proper care of the dog. Generally, the weight of this hybrid is about 60 pounds to 110 pounds.

However, the height may range up to 24 inches. Ensure to maintain the cleanliness of Bullmastiff Husky Mix.

Owners should keep on checking the dog’s ear. It would be beneficial in preventing various infections. Weekly maintenance is ample for this dog breed.

Average Lifespan of Bullmastiff Husky Mix:

This stunning dog breed would spend about 10 to 13 years with you. These are confident dogs and seem to have much of the characteristics of a Husky dog. These are agile dogs and enjoy regular exercise.

husky mastiff mix puppies

They love to have an active lifestyle. Hence, owners need to keep these dogs busy in regular physical activities and plays. This dog breed desires to be involved in lots of exercises.

It spreads love and does not get provoked easily. Although they do not get aggressive yet their behavior towards the stranger is a bit different.

Diseases in Bullmastiff Husky Mix:

Health issues of the Bullmastiff Husky Mix dog should be taken into serious consideration. Visiting the vet on a regular basis can lead to prevention from serious consequences.

husky mastiff mix

It would be beneficial in early diagnosis and righteous treatment. The major health concern of this stunning dog breed is an eye disorder such as Entropion. They may also suffer from heart issues such as cardiomyopathy. Another major health concern of this hybrid dog is hip dysplasia.

Miniature Bullmastiff is a lovely dog breed that has various stunning features. Read on to know about it!

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