Bullmastiff dog Ear Infections


Bullmastiff is a hybrid dog that is among the highly popular dogs. They are brilliantly brave and courageous. Their health is a matter of serious concern.

Owners should take good care of their pets and must focus on regular check-ups in order to prevent any further complications.

Bullmastiff dog eye disease, Bullmastiff dog ear infections, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and Bullmastiff stomach disorder are among the most common problems that can reduce the efficiency of the dog.

Bullmastiff dog is comparatively a calm dog breed that does not bark much. In addition to this, Bullmastiff dog does not shed like other pets. Their moderate shedding is a likable feature.

Bullmastiff dog Ear Infections

They exhibit to have three adorable coat colors. These coat colors are fawn, red, or brindle. The bullmastiff dog has a massive and giant appearance which is enough to afraid of the enemy.

They are produced for the purpose of protection. They are amazing enough to detect the danger around them and respond accordingly.

People who are seeking guidance about their beloved Bullmastiff dog should have a glance at the following facts and information.

Different types of ear infections in bullmastiff dog:

Bullmastiff dog can weigh as much as 130 pounds. The Diet of the Bullmastiff dog should be balanced and nutritious so that good health is maintained. There are different types of ear infections in Bullmastiff dogs. These include:

  • Otitis externa
  • Otitis media
  • Otitis interna

All these types of Bullmastiff dog ear infections affect canine ear leading to extreme pain and other complications. Inflammation of different layers of the ear represents Bullmastiff dog ear infections.

The damage or inflammation of the inner ear canal and middle ear canal represents the otitis interna and otitis media.

Likewise, the inflammation of the outer ear portion or external lining of the ear indicates the otitis externa.

These can be treated with antibiotics, NSAIDs, and proper cleanliness. Complicated cases require much time for recovery.

Ear mites in bullmastiff dog:

Small parasites which feed on debris, oils, or wax are called mites. They can cause infection to the areas where they reside and spread.

Ear mites feed on the wax and debris of the ear and can spread to the neck, paws, tail, or head. Having ear mites in Bullmastiff dog represents the unhygienic condition.

Owners should take special care of their Bullmastiff dog and focus on their hygiene as well.

Bullmastiff dog is quite active and participates in physical activities. They should be cleaned and bathed when required.

Use a high-quality shampoo for cleaning purposes. The beautiful coat hair can be maintained by brushing. One should simply use the vacuum in order to remove the shaded hair.

How do I know if my Bullmastiff dog has an ear infection?

Guidance about how do I know if my Bullmastiff dog has an ear infection is significant. Observing the changes in the dog determines the abnormality or disease in the pet.

If your dog is shaking the head excessively or has scabies around the ear then it is an alarming sign. Likewise, the sudden reduction in eating due to the pain shows that the inner ear canal is affected by the infection.

Hence, the dog feels difficulty opening the mouth for eating a meal. Swelling or foul discharge is a clear manifestation of Bullmastiff dog ear infections.

What are the symptoms of an inner ear infection in a bullmastiff dog?

Knowing the symptoms of the infection can make the owner conscious of their pet’s health. The owner should be vigilant in visiting the vet on observing the symptoms of infection in his pet.

Lets us have a look at what are the symptoms of an inner ear infection in a Bullmastiff dog. These symptoms include pain in the eyes, bloody, yellow, or brown discharge,  excessive hair loss, difficulty in hearing, foul smell from an ear, loss of balance, and reluctance to chew food.

In addition to this, persistent itching and irritation in the ear also exhibit infection in the ear.

What can I use to clean my bullmastiff dog’s ears at home?

Like all other body parts of the pet, ears should be kept in the main focus. Neglecting the cleanliness of the dog’s ear arises many problems.

Addressing these problems is possible by routine check-ups. Many of the people keep on searching that what can I use to clean my Bullmastiff dog’s ears at home.

bullmastiff dogs ears

They would be pleased to know that one can simply purchase hydrogen peroxide from the market in order to clean their pet’s ear. All you need to do is to mix the water and hydrogen peroxide in 1:1.

This ear cleaning solution would work wonderfully. One thing which is necessary to be mentioned regarding the ear’s cleaning is that use of alcohol should be prevented.

Can we clean our bullmastiff dog’s ears with Q tips?

Let us figure out that can we clean our Bullmastiff dog’s ear with Q tips. Using a Q tip is not beneficial at all as it can damage the ear of your dog.

By using the Q tip, the debris is being pushed inside the ear which is harmful to the dog. The debris reaches the ear canal and irritates the dog by making the infection even worse.

Bullmastiff dog Ear Infections

Bullmastiff dog contains sharp, prominent, and distinguishing features such as the wrinkled and broad skull, black face mask, V-shaped ears, and large nostrils.

One should avoid teasing or irritating the BUllmstiff dog as it may attack back or bite quite hard. The biting of the Bullmastiff dog leads to serious consequences such as bleeding, wound, etc.

Treating Your bullmastiff Dog’s Ear Infection:

One can enjoy the company of the Bullmastiff dog for a duration of 8 to 10 years. This average lifespan can be increased by ensuring the good health of the dog.

Treating your Bullmastiff dog’s ear infection is quite necessary. Immediately take your dog to the vet for the regular check-up and monitoring of the dog.

Getting your dog’s disease diagnosed at an earlier stage is quite beneficial. It avoids further complications.

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