Common Diseases In Bullmastiff Dog


No doubt, health is wealth. People love to have a healthy and active pet. It is the desire of every pet lover to have a healthy pet.

Among the various dog breeds, the Bullmastiff is the one that wins the heart of the majority of the people throughout the world.

People having an interest in the Bullmastiff dog keep on searching about the common diseases in Bullmastiff dog and Bullmastiff dogs separation anxiety.

Common Diseases In Bullmastiff Dog

Bullmastiff dog came as an outcome of breeding between the Bulldog and Mastiff dog. It is the reason that it contains the traits of both breeds.

Let us figure out that do Mastiffs have health problems, what health problems do Bullmastiffs have, the most common health concerns of the Bullmastiff, and the diseases your Bullmastiff may suffer from.

Do mastiffs have health problems?

Bullmastiff is prone to a number of health issues. Bullmastiff dog lives their life for an average of about  8 to 10 years. Owners that take good care of their Bullmastiff dog ensure the good health of their pet.

In addition to this, this average lifespan can be increased to a few more years by the proper care and balanced diet.

It is of key concern to immediately take the Bullmastiff to the vet on observing any symptoms of abnormality. Bullmastiff weighs about 110 pounds to 130pounds.

Common Diseases In Bullmastiff Dog

They should be fed a balanced diet and regular walk is necessary for their better health. Bullmastiff dogs should be taken for morning walks.

Prevent strenuous exercises as they may lead to a bad impact on the dog’s joint. Consider mild exercise for the dog.

Bullmastiff dog is available in three accepted coat colors. According to the AKC standard, these three acceptable coat colors are fawn, red, or brindle.

Generally, it does not contain any white color on its body, with an exception of white color on the chest region.

What health problems do Bullmastiffs have?

Health problems that a Bullmastiff dog may suffer are mostly related to joints, thyroid, eyes, heart, GIT, and skin. Many of the Bullmastiff dogs suffer from cancers.

Late diagnosis leads to drastic consequences. Many of the Bullmastiff dogs kick out their bucket because their health disorders are diagnosed at a later stage.

The health of your pet is as important as that of any family member. Notice the change in the dog’s behavior and modifications to its body.

Spend quality time with your dog and keep on observing it. Bullmastiff dog contains wrinkled broad and large skull. It has dark large nostril and V-shaped ears.

The Most Common Health Concerns of the Bullmastiff:

Bullmastiff dogs can be prevented from diseases by ensuring good health. Maintaining hygiene is a key concern in this regard. Lucky are the owners of the Bullmastiff dog as they do not have to take much stress about the maintenance of the dog’s hygiene.

Bullmastiff dog is among those pets which does not require much maintenance. They demand low maintenance and do not shed more. Vacuum can be used for the cleaning of shed hair.

Common Diseases In Bullmastiff

Bathe the dog when required. Routine checkups play a key role in enhancing the quality of a pet’s life. It helps in the early diagnosis of diseases and is much aidful in the case of cancer.

Diseases your Bullmastiff may suffer from:

Having knowledge and guidance about your pet saves the owner from many upcoming troubles. Bullmastiff dogs may suffer from a number of diseases and hence, should be examined properly to know about these.

Common diseases in Bullmastiff dogs are given as below.


Bullmastiff dog suffers from allergies. It includes the red rash and itching on the skin of the dog. It is better to avoid the exposure of dogs to allergens in order to prevent allergies.

Likewise, feed the dog with food that contains no or limited amounts of chemicals.


Bloating can trouble the dog. Physical activities are necessary to be considered as it enhances the mobility of gastrointestinal tract. The better the mobility would be, the better the digestion would become.

In bloating, the stomach gets filled with air and leads towards the obstruction of the supply of blood to the body organs.

 Heart Murmur:

It can be congenital or acquired. Heart murmurs can be characterized by abnormal heartbeats. It is due to any heart disease or heart valve obstruction.

It mainly results from viral infection. Heart murmurs should be treated as early as possible.


Bullmastiff mostly suffers from the most common eye problem named Entropion. This condition can be acquired or congenital, characterized by the inward rolls of the eyelid.

As a result, the eyelashes are rubbed against the cornea. Take your dog to the veterinarian on noticing an abnormal discharge from the dog’s eye.


In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland starts producing insufficient thyroid hormone. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism include hair loss, obesity, lethargy, skin problems, infertility, coat problems, aggression, and abnormal beats. It can be treated by the use of thyroid supplements.


Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of the glomerulus, a part of the kidney. This renal disease leads to extreme discomfort and pain in dogs.

Common Diseases In Bulmastiff

The pet should be taken to the vet on observing any symptoms of pain in the bladder, less urination, pus cells in the urine, etc.

 Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:

In the hip or elbow dysplasia, the Bullmastiff dog suffers from pain in running or walking, lameness, limited motion, difficulty rising, etc.

Treatment of dysplasia includes environmental or nutritional management and surgery.

 Sub Aortic Stenosis:

Sub-Aortic Stenosis is a cardiac disease that is hereditary in nature. IT can be diagnosed with the aid of an echocardiogram.

In this disease, the flow of blood from the left ventricle to the aorta is compromised due to the narrowing. It can be treated with medication.

Mast Cell Tumors:

The mast cell tumors arise in the mast cells of the body. It can be removed by biopsy or surgery. Surgery leads towards a good prognosis.


Hemangiosarcoma is a type of cancer that arises in endothelial cells.

Mostly it occurs in vital organs of the body. Complete surgical removal at the early stage of cancer leads to a good prognosis.

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