Bullmastiff dog Stomach and Intestinal Blockage


Bullmastiff dog stomach and intestinal blockage can be known as gastrointestinal obstruction. It can be characterized by the partial or complete hindrance of nutrients and food movement in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is generally a common health disorder that affects dogs. It is necessary to take good care of a dog’s diet. A proper and balanced diet should be provided to Bullmastiff dogs.

Keep a close eye on the dog and prevent him from eating the items from the road especially during walking or wandering.

Symptoms of Intestinal Blockage in bullmastiff Dogs:

Knowing the symptoms of intestinal blockage in Bullmastiff dogs is of great significance as it ensures the early diagnosis and treatment.


The symptoms of Bullmastiff dog stomach and intestinal blockage include tarry stools, vomiting, lethargy, excessive drooling, inability to defecate, loss of appetite, refusal to lie down, straining during bowel movements, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Timeline of When Blockage Symptoms Show Up in bullmastiff

Bullmastiff dog is prone to gastrointestinal disorders due to genetic predisposition and some other risk factors. Owners should be aware of the timeline of when blockage symptoms show up in bullmastiff.

Intestinal obstruction can be divided into two types such as small intestinal obstruction and gastric outflow obstruction.

The food does not reach to small intestine due to obstruction in the gastric outflow obstruction while there is blockage of movement of food in the intestine in the small intestine obstruction.

How to help a bullmastiff  dog with a Stomach Blockage or Bowel Obstruction

Here you will find several ways about how to help a bullmastiff dog with a stomach blockage or bowel obstruction. One of the methods of combating the Bullmastiff dog stomach and intestinal blockage is to induce vomiting in them.

Bullmastiff dog Stomach and Intestinal Blockage

Foreign particles of Ingested particles that cause the blockage in the intestine or stomach get expelled from the body through inducing vomiting. Other methods include gastropexy, resection, anastomosis, and laparotomy.

Immediately take your pet to the vet on observing the signs of blockage in them Your vet would examine it through x-ray.

Some of the times x-rays won’t work best for the detection of foreign particles. Hence, in this case, radiography is recommended.

Will a dog with a bowel obstruction to eat?

The answer to will a dog with a bowel obstruction eats can be determined by the nature of foreign particles ingested. Some of the ingested particles cause temporary blockage and get digested or removed from the body with the passage of time.

While, in drastic conditions, treatment protocols need to be followed.

Bullmastiff dog

If your pet has ingested some typical substances such as paper or crayon then it can be easily removed from the body and the owner does not need to worry much about it.

But in the case of sharp objects such as glass ingestion, be vigilant to seek medical assistance. Interested to know more about your warrior dog?

If yes, then get to know more and enjoy reading demodectic mange in Bullmastiff dog in order to ensure better health and care of your dog.

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