English Bullmastiff Dog


People love to keep pets in their homes. These pets may range from a bird or reptile to a cat or dog. People, especially kids love to spend quality time with their pets. In addition to this, people develop a strong attachment to their pets.

The selection of pets is a quite tough task. It is because of the huge range of pets available in the market. People get confused about making the right choice.

It is a fact that dogs are considered to be the best pet ever. In this niche, there are a huge variety of dogs available as a pet.

Get the English Bullmastiff dog, Mastiff dog, Bulldog, or Boxer dog for your home. It is important to be aware of the general facts about the do before making a purchase.

English Mastiff Weight and Height:

Have knowledge of English Mastiff weight and height is quite significant. The female English Mastiff dog weighs from 54kg to 77kg while the male English Mastiff weighs about 73kg to 100kg.

English Bullmastiff Dog

Both male and female English Mastiff dogs share almost the same height. The height of the English Mastiff dog ranges from 70cm to 91cm. The coat of the English Mastiff is fine and smooth. The coat of the Mastiff dog is short and dense.

Colors of English Bullmastiff Dog:

When it comes to the appearance of the Bullmastiff dog, it leaves no stone unturned to amaze people.

The colors of the English Bullmastiff dog are quite adorable. The coat color of an English Bullmastiff dog can be brindle, apricot, or fawn.

One can make a selection of the English Bullmastiff dog as per their desire color. English Bullmastiff dog provides amazing companionship and is quite friendly in nature.

English Bullmastiff dogs are less aggressive than the Bullmastiff dog. This dog contains a black mask around its eyes. These are fearless, intelligent, and loyal dogs.

Average Lifespan of English Bullmastiff Dog:

If you are exploring the average lifespan of an English Bullmastiff dog, you would be pleased to know that it survives from 10years to 12years.

english bullmastiff

This dog breed originated in England. English Bullmastiff is a fabulous dog breed that is courageous, good-natured, calm, dignified, and protective.

Diseases in English Bullmastiff Dog:

English Bullmastiff dog is prone to a myriad of diseases. The most common diseases in English Bullmastiff dogs are hip dysplasia, bloat, arthritis, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, wobbler syndrome, and dental issues. This giant dog breed may suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Bullmastiff dog Vs English Mastiff Dog:

When it comes to the Bullmastiff dog Vs the English Mastiff dog, it is found that the English Mastiff dog is a giant dog breed. It has a larger skull than a Bullmastiff dog.

english mastiff

The major difference between these amazing dog breeds lies in their appearance. Mastiff dog is much larger in size than the Bullmastiff. The average weight of a Mastiff dog ranges from 150pounds to 250pounds.

While the average weight of a Bullmastiff dog ranges from 110pounds to 130pounds. Mastiff dogs are massive and muscular in appearance.

Are you interested to know more about Bullmastiff puppies? If yes, then stay tuned to explore much more!

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