Bullmastiff Puppies


A Bullmastiff is a courageous, brave, loyal, and affectionate guard dog that rapidly becomes a member of the family. It protects its master from the enemy by attacking or biting them.

Owners should take care of their beloved Bullmastiff puppies and feed them with a balanced diet.

It is necessary to consult a vet regarding the health of puppies. Maintaining the good health of Bullmastiff puppy and providing the best training for it is the key concern of Bullmastiff owners.

What is the Average Weight of Bullmastiff Puppies:

Let’s explore what is the average weight of Bullmastiff puppies. The weight of 3 months female Bullmastiff puppy ranges from 15.6kg to 18.2kg. While, at 6 months, her average weight should be between 28.9kg to 33.4kg.

At the age of 19 months, the female and the male dog stop growing anymore. The weight of male puppies at age of 3 and 6 months is 17.1 – 19.5kg and 31.5 – 35kg respectively.

How Much a Bullmastiff Puppy Should Eat:

If you are having a Bullmastiff puppy then you should know how much a Bullmastiff puppy should eat.

The diet of the Bullmastiff puppy is dependent upon the weight and size of the puppy. Milk is unsuitable for some puppies.

It is because they are lactose intolerant. Hence, on feeding the puppy with milk they experience loose stool. Gradually, start increasing the meal of your puppy as it approaches the age of 5 months.

The diet of the Bullmastiff should be free of chemicals. Select the best quality meal for your beloved puppy.

How to Feed a Bullmastiff Puppy:

Feeding a puppy demands the use of some tricks. If you are curious to know about How to feed a Bullmastiff puppy, then you are at the right place. Feed the puppy with fruits, rice, meat, and vegetables.

Rather than a single meal, feed the Bullmastiff puppy in portions. Avoid feed the puppy acidic meals as it may lead to bloating. Train the puppy earlier in life.

Bullmastiff Puppy

The bullmastiff is a highly obedient dog breed. Hence, owners of Bullmastiff dogs do not need to put much effort into feeding a Bullmastiff puppy. Serve two bowls to the Bullmastiff puppy. One bowl for the meal and another bowl for the water.

How to Potty Train a Bullmastiff Puppy:

While dealing with your pet, you will be stuck at a point on how to potty train a Bullmastiff puppy. Bullmastiff dog does not require much for cleanliness.

They need moderate maintenance. Bullmastiff puppies can be potty trained quite easily by using the potty training pads. Puppy crate training is also helpful in the potty training of Bullmastiff puppies.

Bullmastiff Pup

Whenever the Bullmastiff puppy urge to relieve himself, put him up and place the training potty pad under them. In addition to this, keep your Bullmastiff puppies in a crate without locking them. It helps them to go for evacuation easily.

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