Bullmastiff Dog Size


The selection of a pet is one of the most interesting and responsible tasks that need to be performed after getting the desired and mandatory information about them. People may have a single or more than one pet at their home.

The number of pets in a home is dependent on the love and attraction of the owner towards animals. Among dogs, the Bullmastiff proves to be a fabulous and popular dog breed representing brilliant size.

Bullmastiff dog size is one of the most eminent features which attracts people towards this dog breed. Bullmastiff dog is a pure dog breed that originated by the crossing of Mastiff dog and Bulldog.

Bullmastiff Dog Size

The traits of both these dog breeds are present in  Bullmastiff dogs. This dog breed was first originated in the Great Brains and is one of the popular and oldest known dog breeds to humans.

These warrior dogs are the preferred choice of the gamekeepers. Let us have a look at the different details and features of this dog breed in order to make the right choice of selection.

How big is a full-grown Bullmastiff?

If you are wondering to know that how big is a full-grown Bullmastiff dog then there comes good news about their growth. These grow rapidly and exhibit themselves as massive, strong, and giant dogs.

The full-grown Bullmastiff depicts the tall height. These truly giant dogs can grow as long as 30inches in height. A female Bullmastiff can in height from 27inches to more. When it comes to the weight of these frightful dogs then the Bullmastiff dog reveals the weight up to 200 pounds.

Bullmastiff Dog Size

The average weight ranges from 110 to 130 pounds while 200 pounds is the maximum weight depicted by this breed. They live their life for an average of 8years to 10years.

These muscular dogs contain a short and dense coat that protects them from an unfavorable environment.

These are ideal dogs in terms of height. They are big enough to show a maximum height of up to 27 inches.

Height is one of the main criteria for the selection of pets. It is considered to prefer the dog breeds which are comparatively taller.

How Big Are Bullmastiff Dogs?

Let’s figure out that how big our Bullmastiff dogs are. The better growth of the Bullmastiff is dependent on its balanced diet, amazing lifestyle, and good health. They represent themselves as huge dogs.

Bullmastiff dog size has always been a center of attraction for the people who want to have a dog breed to protect them and frighten their enemies.

The Bullmastiff dog comes in three adorable coat colors. Bullmastiff dog appearance includes three acceptable coat colors such as fawn, brindle, and red.

According to the AKC standards, no colors other than these are acceptable and a Bullmastiff dog should not contain white color on any part of its body, with an exception of the chest portion.

Little white markings on the chest are allowed. The skull is broad and wrinkled that contains black marks on it.  A fawn Bullmastiff dog contains brown color as sit coat’s colors.

It usually ranges from the dull and light brown color to the bright, shiny, and rich brown color. Similarly, the red Bullmastiff dog contains a coat of red color ranging from dull red to rich red.

Brindle Bullmastiff dog contains the adorable coat having strips of both fawns and red color.

Male Bullmastiff Dog Size:

The Bullmastiff dog is a muscular dog that leaves no stone unturned to protect its masters. These are alert and courageous dogs having a dark-colored face mask. Their dark-colored ears are V-shaped in appearance.

A male Bullmastiff dog size usually ranges from 25inches to 27 inches. It can weigh from 110 pounds to 130 pounds. A huge and extremely muscular Bullmastiff can represent its weight up to 200 pounds.

Snoring of the Bullmastiff dog can be a bit problematic. Their snores are quite loud and can disturb the sleep of the surrounding people. It is necessary to maintain the good health of the Bullmastiff dog.

Bullmastiff Size

It is prone to a number of diseases and health disorders. These include allergy, sunburns, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, flatulence, bloating, sarcoma, etc.

Taking the health of Bullmastiff to be for granted leads to serious consequences and decreases both the quality and lifespan of Bullmastiff’s dog.

Immediately take your pet to the veterinarian o observing any abnormal symptoms. Regular monitoring and medical tests are necessary in order to diagnose the disease at the initial stages of life.

Female Bullmastiff Dog Size:

Owners of the Bullmastiff dog would be pleased to know that this dog breed is highly faithful, loyal, brave, and protective. These are intelligent having the fighting spirit in them.

It is better to take your dog with you wherever you go, as it enhances the sense of being safe and secure. Even a Bullmastiff puppy is powerful and sagacious enough to protect its master and family.

Female Bullmastiff dog size ranges from 24 inches to 26 inches. Their average weight ranges from 100pounds to 120pounds. Bullmastiff dogs should be handled with care and love.

They demand low maintenance. Hence, only regular brushing of the coat and bathing it when required is enough to maintain the proper hygiene.

female Bullmastiff Size

They are calm dogs and do not bark much. Use a good quality shampoo for washing the coat of your Bullmastiff dogs. It does not fall into the category of dogs that shed much.

Use a vacuum to remove the shedding. It contains medium-sized eyes and large nostrils. This is one of the largest and powerful dog breeds which is liked and purchased by the majority of people throughout the world.

They represent a good temperament and are fun to be around. Kids love to play and enjoy with their Bullmastiff dog. Kids feel extreme comfort and security with this beloved pet.

Bullmastiff represents shy behavior towards the stranger. They are docile and swift. Handle them with care and keep them safe from the extreme summer and winters in order to ensure their good health.

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